The Association is dedicated to supporting owners of Leisure yachts that were built primarily by Cobramold and later by Brinecraft as well as the few made elsewhere. Now that the builder is no longer in business, we continue to bring together the information and resources to maintain the 4,900 Leisure class yachts and to help get them sailing at their best.

Formed in 1982, we continue to go from strength to strength with around 700 registered members worldwide.

We are based almost entirely on the Internet and as well as this web site. We host a discussion Forum supporting owners of Leisure yachts and to provide the exchange of ideas between Members.

If you own a Leisure Yacht, are considering buying one or just want to know more, we can help.

Full details, including the original brochures, are available here for the entire Leisure Yacht range from 1967 to 1996.

Association Members can also access the Technical Reference library, Owners Manuals and the Association magazine, “LeisureTime”. All of which are available on the Forum.

We invest in patterns and moulds so that parts such as rudders and skegs are available as well as other specialist parts such as tiller heads.

In some areas, sailing and social events are organised.

Our forum contains a marketplace section where there are normally a range of Leisure Yachts being offered for sale. The marketplace is open to all and you can access it by clicking this link.

Membership costs just £10 for life (conditions apply).
Why should I join? – What are the benefits?

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If you would like more information or just wish to talk to someone about the Leisure class, please contact the Commodore.