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For sale: Sowester 'Bosun' Compass, Heath Marine London (gimbal, 6inches, oil filled, grid steering, etc.)

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For sale: Sowester 'Bosun' Compass, Heath Marine London (gimbal, 6inches, oil filled, grid steering, etc.)

Post by daniel-weck »

Sowester 'Bosun' Compass
Heath Marine London
Model SWMF 42061

Gimbal stabilisation
Oil-filled, smooth operation and clear view (6 inches)
Rotating bevel bezel ring
Grid Lines
Index mark
Lubber line

Comes with 2 fixing brackets / wedges.

Perfect working order. This is a dependable, heavy solid piece of equipment.

The compass has been stored indoors at home for the last 16-17 years (it came with our Leisure 17 when we bought it, but we have never needed it).

I don't have the original box and polystyrene padding anymore.

I will post at the buyers expense. My asking price is £50, which I think is fair given the unit's condition.

I am happy to send more pictures and / or videos. Feel free to ask for details (private message via this forum please, and if you are a serious buyer I will happily exchange phone numbers).

Photos: ... lXSVotT0Rn

Here's a copy of the original description I found on the web:

Steering by grid

Grid steering is particularly useful on relatively small vessels which tend to yaw in a seaway as it is very easy to see at a glance whether the vessel is on course, or in which direction correction must be made.

Set the required course on the bevel ring against the index mark and steer to keep the North-South line of the card parallel to the white Grid lines on the glass. The North point next to the arrowhead of the grid.

If required the Bosun can be mounted with the compass forward of the bulkhead, for instance at the after end of the cockpit placed below the tiller. In this case, rotate first the compass and then the gimbal ring through 180° about the horizontal axis to bring the index mark forward of the compass.

It is also possible to steer by the Bosun ignoring the Grid and keeping the required course on the card opposite the lubber line inside the bowl.