call for articles Winter 2021

Call for articles: LeisureTime, Winter 2021

The next edition of LeisureTime will be the 2021 Winter edition.

We’d like to publish this in the second half of November. Perhaps before then you’ll have had time to fettle whatever needs fettling for the winter and can spare an evening to put pen to paper.

The articles we received for the Spring edition were very well received. So once more, many thanks to all those who submitted material. Now we’re looking forward to more stories about what has happened to you since then or maybe you’ve been meaning to get down to converting that exciting series of historic Log entries at last and turning them into a proper travelogue.

The Leisure Owners Facebook page also has pictures and information from a wide range of people and events, so I’m hoping that some of those contributors can also expand on their exploits or renovations and give them a more permanent home in the magazine.
In this way the information will remain available in the LOA archives rather than slip off the bottom of the computer screen into the online ether.

Indeed this year there seem to be any number of people who are renovating abandoned boats and I am not immune to this bug having bought a lovely L17; but in “kit form” as it were! The owner was doing a fabulous job and was at the putting it back together stage but ran out of time, so now I am having to work out where everything goes. It was repainted and all the holes filled in!

So once again please get your creative sou’wester on and share that experience with us and remember a good photograph is worth a thousand words as well.
As usual there will be a small prize for the best two articles; one in the technical category and one in the more general category e.g. story or experience.

Target deadline for submission: End of October 2021, but “late dockers” accepted if at all possible.

I look forward to reading your articles.

John Stockdale
Leisure Time Editor