Call for articles

Call for articles: Leisure Time, Summer 2021

The next edition of Leisure Time will be the 2021, Summer edition.

We’d like to publish this in May as an optimistic prediction could be that we are all out messing about in boats from then on trying to catch up on lost time over the past year and far too busy to put pen to paper or fingers on keyboards.

We have had some stunning articles including: sailing adventures, cruising information, recollections and memoires, technical advice, how to do things, mishaps, etc.
It all makes for great reading and is so useful to share – if someone’s got a problem the chances are someone out there has already solved it and can pass that information on.
Maybe you have already posted something special on the Facebook page but it has disappeared off the bottom of the screen and it could really do with being added to the LOA archives – So why not polish it up for the magazine?
Tempt us to come to one of your local rallies; tell us about what’s going on…

So please put you thinking caps on and share that experience with us.

Also, if that was not encouragement enough, there will be a prize for the best two articles; one in the technical category and one in the more general category e.g. story or experience. And remember a good photograph is worth a thousand words as well.

I look forward to reading your articles.

John Stockdale
Leisure Time Editor

Deadline for submission: End of April 2021
Please contact by email