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North of England – Windermere Ferry Nab

Update for Windermere Ferry Nab 3rd April 2021


The situation at Ferry Nab Windermere as of 1st April is that registered boat owners may access their boats in the marina or on moorings via Ferry Nab. The wardens are launching winter stored boats gradually. There is a notice saying they are not accepting new registrations at the moment. The gate to the slipway is locked: opened upon request to wardens.
The trolleys are available. Dan’s shack is open as usual.
The toilets are open, but the showers closed until the 12th April for (very?) deep cleaning.


As the annual fees became due on the 1st April, I had emailed both South Lakeland District Council and its parking department to find out what the access situation was and about refunds should access again be denied either to the car park or the slipway, but the Council has so far been silent on this.
Information is available on the South Lakeland District Council website and on the Warden’s Facebook page, but prior to their posting on the 30th March, which was not entirely clear about access for registered boat owners as opposed to the public, the last post was on 17th January.
It should be said that on the 2nd April wardens were turning away drivers who simply wanted to use the car park but did not have a boat registered on the lake, thus giving preference to boat owners to check the boats – and hopefully not find out they owned the one currently aground at Cockshott Point!

Dinghy storage

Dinghy rack storage contracts state that dinghies should be less than or equal to 3.05m. Owners will likely have received a letter dated 7th February 2021 asking them to remove dinghies longer than this. This will affect quite a number of people with longer dinghies.
Apparently tenders are out for erecting solar panels over all or part of this area to further the Council’s green energy plans. I am not aware of any proposed dates for this work or if applications have been received.

John Stockdale
North of England Co-ordinator & LeisureTime Editor