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Steve Blaney

I bought my first boat, a Mirror dinghy in 1983. Then, after a succession of keel boats, a Leisure 23 twenty two years ago. I have sailed my Leisure 23SL, “Sundance”, for the past fifteen years.
As Commodore, I will do my best for the Association and all the members.


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John Stockdale
John Stockdale

I’ve been crewing on other skipper’s boats for more years than I care to remember: the Scottish Islands, across to Ireland, France and Spain. Two years ago, with not the slightest intention of actually owning a boat, I – quite by accident – acquired part ownership in a Leisure 23. Maggie, my wife, mentioned to our son-in-law how much fun she’d had on a trip out with friends in, it should be said, perfect weather on Windermere. “Count me in,” I told her.
Unbeknownst, lines were being irretrievably cast off. With a deadline of 48 hours before bidding closed on Ebay we found ourselves canoeing out to take a look at a rather sad and lonely but delightful L23. The rest is history.
As all owners know, buying a boat is the easy bit and the crest of a very steep wave with only one way to go. However, the benefits have far outweighed the heartaches. A careless email or two later and you can also find yourself as an editor on a Committee. Take heed all you wayward sailors!
But do send in those stories and articles. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Greg Newton
Greg Newton

My sailing started when helped my colleague with small a group of students for a few days in wayfarers, pico lasers and toppers on the Norfolk Broads. I’d recommend anyone new to sailing to start with a small dinghy – You’ll get wet, but you’ll really learn a lot, especially without the luxury of an engine!


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