Leisure 22

The Leisure 22 was designed by Graham Caddick to meet the demand for a 4/6-berth family cruiser, without sacrificing the versatility and performance required by the yachtsman.

Leisure 22 sailing

Leisure 22 sailing

Both twin keel and fin keel versions were available. The design features a high ballast ratio of 43% for stability with very good sized accommodation for a yacht of this length and a cabin headroom of 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m).

The waterline length is nearly 20 ft (6.07 m). With a near vertical stern, the Leisure 22 can be differentiated easily from the later Leisure 23, which has a reverse counter stern.

The deep cockpit provides excellent protection from the elements and comfortable, dry sailing – at the expense of forward vision when seated.

The hull is of one piece moulded GRP for minimum maintenance, with interior mouldings and bulkheads bonded in for exceptional strength and rigidity. Keels are cast iron. Rudder and skeg are moulded GRP, with steel framework and fittings.

A teak rubbing strake is standard to protect the topsides. Moulded non-slip areas on deck help to provide a secure foothold whilst working forward.

Leisure 22 moored

Leisure 22 moored








The spars are in gold coloured aluminium alloy. All standing rigging and rigging screws are in stainless steel with halyards internal to the mast.

An outboard engine (8-10HP) was fitted as the standard auxiliary, but some were fitted with an inboard petrol or diesel engine.

Five berths are available in the accommodation which comprises a main saloon cabin in a dinette arrangement, with a large fore cabin. Normally there is a separate toilet compartment which leaves one rather short berth in the fore cabin. A galley with two burner gas stove was normally fitted and a sink with freshwater pump is standard. Much use is made of teak and teak veneers throughout the cabin giving a warm appearance.

Specification Detail

Length Overall 6.71 m 22 ft
Length Waterline 6.07 m 19 ft 11 in
Beam 2.39 m 7 ft 10 in
Fin 1.19 m 3 ft 11 in
Twin 0.81 m 2 ft 8 in
Displacement 1,495 kg 3,300 lbs
Keel 635 kg 1400 lbs
Ballast Ratio 43%
Mast 7.93 m 26 ft
Mainsail 9.8 m2 105 ft2
Working Jib 10.2 m2 110 ft2
No.1 Jib 7.9 m2 85 ft2
No.1 Storm Jib 4.7 m2 51 ft2
No.2 Storm Jib 2.8 m2 30 ft2
Genoa 16.7 m2 180 ft2
Spinnaker 32.5 m2 350 ft2

Leisure 22 Brochure

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Leisure yachts (apart from the Leisure 17) are seldom raced. The only racing handicap information we have are PY (Portsmouth Yardstick), SY (Secondary Yardstick) various Recorded Numbers (RN) and Club Numbers (CN) as shown below.
For cruising boats, The RYA has updated the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme with the National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC).
More up to date information may be obtainable from the RYA NHC site and the Byron web site.

The only yardstick information we have are various Club Numbers (CN) and Recorded Numbers (RN) as follows:

Keel Engine Propeller Number (Year/Source)
Twin Inboard 3 Blade CN1260 (1988) RN1220 (1978)
Twin Outboard  CN1175 (Byron)