Overview of Leisure Yachts

Overview of Leisure Yachts

The boats produced by Leisure Yachts Ltd

The Leisure 17

Where it all started

Designed by Arthur Howard around 1966 and built in Essex by Cobramold, the L17 was one of the most successful small yachts ever made.

The Leisure 17SL

In 1975 the SL version was introduced with a new “wedge” shape cabin top, providing more internal space.

Approximately 3,400 Leisure 17s and 17SLs were built between 1967 and 1995.

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The Leisure 18

A later addition by Cory Yachts

The Leisure 18 was a new, 1996 design by Simon Cory and built in the Cory Yard in Kent. A trailer-able small yacht for short handed cruising, it is large enough to accommodate a family for long sailing weekends, etc.

Around 12 of these yachts were built.

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The Leisure 20

A small family cruiser

With its long waterline and generous beam, the Leisure 20 is a superbly balanced four-berth family cruiser that can be sailed safely and comfortably just about anywhere. They have a remarkable amount of cabin and cockpit space for such a small yacht.

Commencing in 1975, Approximately 250 Leisure 20s were built.

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The Leisure 22

Featuring a proper galley

Designed by Graham Caddick with 5 ft 8 in headroom as a 4/6-berth family cruiser, without sacrificing the versatility and performance required by the yachtsman. This is a very sea worthy boat with a ballast ratio of 43 percent. The L22 proved popular in the UK and the Netherlands.

Approximately 200 Leisure 22s were built from 1970.

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The Leisure 23

A very successful family cruiser

An update for the L22. Designed by Frank Pryor and Launched in 1973, the Leisure 23 was an instant success.
Brian Meerloo, one of the founders of Cobramold, reckoned the L23 had the best sailing qualities of them all.

The Leisure 23SL

In 1975 the SL version was produced with the more modern, “wedge” deck style, giving more headroom.
The Leisure 23 and 23SL share the same hull, with a reverse transom angled from the waterline to the deck.

Around 900 23 and 23SL boats were built up to 1990.

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The Leisure 24

A shallow draft, high performance cruiser

The Leisure 24 was designed by Simon Cory around 1998 at the Cory yard in Kent. Featuring a balanced modern rig design, high technology twin keels and a long waterline length which contribute to a sea kindly yacht.

As far as we are aware only one prototype was built.

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The Leisure 26

A high performance cruiser

Based on the Oyster 26 and produced from the same moulds.

Very few were built.

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The Leisure 27

A sea going cruiser with outstanding accommodation

In 1977 Frank Pryor designed the Leisure 27, featuring a remarkable cabin providing over 6 ft headroom. The Leisure 27 has a short, very safe cockpit and lots of cabin space.

Approximately 105 Leisure 27s were built.

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The Leisure 27SL

A roomy fast cruising yacht

After the demise of Cobramold in 1989, Boating Scene of Essex “adopted” the Leisure name to re-brand a hull generally known as “Mirage” built by Thames Marine. Thus the Leisure 27SL is actually a Mirage 2700, with a slightly different interior design.

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The Leisure 29

The largest yacht in the Leisure fleet

Basically an extended Leisure 27, with a two foot longer cockpit and virtually identical cabin.
A few years later, Jaguar Yachts produced the Lynx 29 using the same moulds.

About 30 Leisure 29s were built.

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Overview of Leisure Yachts