Leisure 20

With its long waterline and generous beam, the Leisure 20 is a superbly balanced four-berth family cruiser that can be sailed just about anywhere comfortably and safely.

Leisure 20 sailing

Leisure 20 sailing

Aimed at the European market because the restriction on many inland waterways for “recreational” craft was 20 ft, the ’20’ is surprisingly roomy for its size. The hull was drafted by German designer Horst E. Glacier while the deck was designed by Brian Meerloo, thus starting with the more modern style from the beginning. For both serious offshore cruising and inshore pottering, it’s the ideal trailer-sailer, subsequently giving you a virtually unlimited choice of horizons.

Under sail the Leisure 20 is extremely stable, vice-free and fast, performing well under all types of conditions.

The spars are in aluminium alloy. Originally gold, the spars of later boats are black or silver. All standing rigging and rigging screws are stainless steel. Halyards are internal.

Under power it will cruise happily and economically with a five to seven horsepower outboard, being very manoeuvrable whether going ahead or astern.

Fin and twin keels are of cast iron, the latter being of high aspect ratio hydrofoil section. The centre board version has a galvanised mild steel plate, housed in a cast iron stub tube. Rudder and skeg are moulded GRP with steel framework and stainless steel fittings. A teak rubbing strake is standard and moulded non-slip areas on deck are designed to ensure safety.

Leisure 20 beating

Leisure 20 beating




The cockpit is deep and wide and features a outboard motor well in the stern, with the cover providing an additional seat or table.

The accommodation includes four sensibly sized cushioned berths with ample stowage space, finished in teak timbers and veneers with a full galley, including cooker and sink, fitted on the starboard side. Headroom is 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in) in the cabin, with two large coach-roof windows on each side and a translucent fore-hatch. As a result, it is particularly light and airy.

Specification Detail

Length Overall 6.09 m 20 ft
Length Waterline 5.56 m 18 ft 3 in
Beam 2.31 m 7 ft 6 in
Fin 1.16 m 3 ft 9 in
Twin 0.80 m 2 ft 7 in
Centreboard 0.56 – 1.22 m 1 ft 10 ins – 4 ft
Weight 1300 kg 2860 lbs
Keel 477.3 kg 1050 lbs
Ballast Ratio 37%
Standard 7.32 m 24 ft
Lake Rig 7.93 m 26 ft
Mainsail 8.0 m2 86 ft2
Jib 9.7 m2 104 ft2
Storm Jib 3.3 m2 35 ft2
Genoa 13.5 m2 145 ft2
Spinnaker 28.4 m2 306 ft2

Leisure 20 Brochure


Leisure yachts (apart from the Leisure 17) are seldom raced. The only racing handicap information we have are PY (Portsmouth Yardstick), SY (Secondary Yardstick) various Recorded Numbers (RN) and Club Numbers (CN) as shown below.
For cruising boats, The RYA has updated the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme with the National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC).
More up to date information may be obtainable from the RYA NHC site and the Byron web site.

The only yardstick information we have are various Club Numbers (CN) and Recorded Numbers (RN) as follows:

Keel Engine Number (Year/Source)
Twin Outboard PY1342 (2000) CN1310 (1999) CRN1280 (1985) RN1270 (1982)
Twin Outboard CN1198 (Byron)