Leisure 26

The Association has very little information about the Leisure 26.

Built from the same moulds and virtually identical to the well known Oyster 26. The main difference between the Leisure and the Oyster is the rig, which was 7/8 on the Oyster, but is 3/4 on the Leisure.

We know that very few were built, possibly only one or two. If you have further information about this yacht, please contact the Association Administrator

Leisure 26 Images

Many thanks to Fernando Mañas and Ervino Brumat for the photographs.

Leisure 26 sailing

L26 sailing

Leisure 26 berth



L26 deck


L26 cabin


Leisure 26 Brochure

We are indebted to Alan Murphy for the following brochure images, scanned from an original brochure.


For cruising boats, The RYA has updated the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme with the National Handicap for Cruisers (NHC). More up to date information may be obtainable from the RYA NHC site and the Byron web site.
The only yardstick information we have is the Recorded Number (RN) as follows.

Recorded number
Keel Number Year
Fin RN1100 1983