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Call for articles: Leisure Time, Winter 2023

The Storm before the Lull

It’s that time again, the Storm, rushing about to get the boat back to the yard, the hard or doubling or tripling the mooring lines, winterising the boat and engine, taking sails off, draining water tanks, etc.
Recently I was supposed to help a friend get his Vancouver from Gairloch to Lossiemouth but the weather has been against us and sadly I had to cancel my trip north.
Another friend is bringing his boat south to Glasson, I expect he’ll be suggesting we have a trip down there to try and track down that little cabin leak that’s been bothering him since he bought it!
Meanwhile, I need to tow my L17, Cygnet, from Ullswater to home for storage and a wash and brush up. I suspect you are thinking about getting your Leisure ready for winter too, but hoping, like me, for some late sailing excitement.

Spare a thought for what you are going to do once everything is in order, the Lull!
The Lull where you breathe a sigh of relief, put your feet up, crack that bottle of Pusser’s Rum you’ve been saving and reflect on the sailing season just gone. You will not want to get bored, and readers of Leisure Time want to hear what you’ve been up to.
So it is time to put your “author’s” hat on. Perhaps it’s a new boat. Perhaps it was just a great day out with the crew or some memorable voyage where it all went wrong. Maybe you have been fettling or tinkering and have something useful to pass on to other members. Maybe you attended a Leisure rally and met other Leisure owners.
The possibilities are endless.

I made trips to the Norfolk Broads and Strangford Lough and I’ll write that up, but what about your year? We’d love to hear. Get back to the editor@leisureowners.org.uk with your story, add a few high-quality photos and the fame is yours!

All the best,