LeisureTime Summer 2023

The Summer 2023 Edition of the Association Magazine, LeisureTime, is ready for members to download by logging into the the Forums and heading to the Magazine section. There are editions going back to 1997

In the LeisureTime Summer 2023 Edition:


  • Commodore’s comments
  • LOA contacts
  • Contents and Facebook
  • Editor’s report
  • Welcome to new members, Club stickers and burgees
  • L17 Turkey to the UK
  • Sailing in Scotland
  • Bunk Books & Windermere report
  • An interview with Svend Billesbølle
  • Report from the South Coast
  • The pin stops here
  • L23 Seabird’s sixth adventure
  • Sailing in Ireland
  • Spares and parts
  • Personalised clothing
  • Leisure Owners Forum